The Beginning of My Story

Welcome to the very beginning of the journey that is my story.


Welcome to this journey, of my story. It doesn’t have a title yet, but I am thinking of calling it You or His Eyes, but for now I’ll just call it You. Right now, it’s a few jumbled quotes without order, but it’ll get there. It’s written in free verse, and I can’t give you any other description but love story because that’s just what it is. And so:

“There is something magical first words are written upon a page. They lead to an unstoppable force that can change the world and the very minds and hearts of the people that make it up.”

With Love,



I started thinking about love when I was thirteen.

You see, I was smart for my age,

and was an older mind trapped in a younger body.

Too early, anyone would say.

Too early, I would agree.

And perhaps I had read too many books

or maybe I was,

as they say,

“In love with the idea of love.”

And I would have crushes

that crushed my heart

most of the time.

But I knew, and I thought,

that there had to be someone out there for me,

somewhere in the 9 billion people,

and I’d fall in love so strongly it’d last a lifetime.

And I thought that

because otherwise I’d give up

I’d say there was no point to life.

I wanted to need someone

not in a bad way

but they’d be there when you need

somebody warm at your back,

embracing you.

But, after five years

of imagining

of crushing

of failing

of falling

of thinking-

I was 18,

just as ready to fall in love

as I was five years ago,

but more unprepared

than I’d ever imagined.

I was 18,

when I fell in love with you.

And I didn’t think it’d be

so rash,

so head-over-heels

so beautiful

that fluttery crush feeling

nothing compared to this.

Nothing compared

to you.

This is the story of our love.

The story of a world,

where while everything around us was crazy

and everyone around us vying

to be pretty or popular or perfect,

you were my rock,

you were my warm embrace,

you were the one I could call at 3 am

and I could always count on you to be there for me

you were my heart.

This is the story of two souls

two hearts

two minds

becoming one,

becoming so together,

that they could never be torn apart

that no one could ever take them away from each other.

This is the story of true soulmates…


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