Song of the Week

So for now this is going to be the song of the week but if I really love something it’ll be more frequent. Right now, I’m into really deep music with lyrics that actually mean something deeper that “Oh you got a nice butt”. If that’s not you I really recommend that you give this music a chance because it’s what I put on when I’m both depressed and happy and it works. This music could honestly change your life or help you make a change if you let it, so give it a try! And if you don’t like it at first, I didn’t either- just listen to it a couple times.

So my first ever song of the week is:

Drown by Twenty One Pilots

It’s a really beautiful song and relatable in a lot of way. I just love its kind of haunting ways and the way he sings “Can you…wash me? Can you…drown me?”



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