Just a Poem

Inspired by the Civil Rights Movement


A land where all men are equal,

they said.

It was a lie.

It was a land where hatred ruled.


A single moment

captured a thousand times

of suffering, of pain,

of humans being cruel to their fellow humans.


The lie was clear

but so many took part in it.

They took part in the hangings

in the burnings, the explosions, the torture.


But there was a brave few who saved us,

a few who saw the tree that was our country,

and decided to cut the sickly branches away

and nurse the plant back to health.


And after sit-ins and boycotts and movements,

after so many lives lost,

we found the light, we found the unity there.

We found the lie, and made it the truth.


We found the lie, but there is still a struggle.

But when we all come together,

with a little trust and love in our hearts and ready to work

we can all become brethren, and truly find unity.


Hope you liked that!




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