Just a Poem

The Stars That Fell


The stars that fell

there was something beautiful

in their brokenness

in the sadness in their eyes

in the scars they’d hide.


The stars that fell

didn’t know

just how strong they’d become

if they got back up.



4 thoughts on “Just a Poem

  1. Yes ofcoarse. When I am famous I will be like “yo dudes i refuse to be famous unless you make this amazing chan famous too” *hair flip* then they will be like “omg that ivy-chan is so amazing!” and I will be like “gosh, that is what i been trying to say all along! why don’t people listen to me???gosh!”
    I don’t wvwn know where this is going but it should have an ending like this:
    then red-dog sweeps Ivy-chan from her feet and carries her into the sunset as Evie-chan creepily follows taking “selfies” hehe

    Note to whoever comes across this:
    That makes no since to you, I know. We’re weird. Deal with it, k? Weirdos are the best.

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