Just a Poem

The Bleachers

Inspired by- obviously- my school’s bleachers, where we sat for the entire gym class today because my school doesn’t know the definition of exercise!


The bleachers

where I’d watch my best friend

shoot hoops and during games.


But soon

it was from the bleachers

that I was watching



I sat in the front row

close to the other team’s basket

just so I could watch the muscles in your calves

tense up before you jumped.


I didn’t know why it was you

but my feelings came quickly out of nowhere

and so did yours.



it was under the bleachers

where I first kissed you.

When I first kissed anyone.



5 thoughts on “Just a Poem

  1. NOTHING!!! OMG if that seriously happened I would just be so high right now besides he doesn’t play basketball and if that happened then I would be dying and would have told you and YOU just gave ME a heart attack by making me think of that!!!

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