Just a Poem

What is Human?


What is a human?

What is being human?

What is human?


A doctor will tell you

that human is flesh and blood and bone,

body systems and a brain,

lungs and breath and oxygen.


A chemist will tell you that human

is hormones and chemicals and signals

that interact

to make your cells do things.


But what will I tell you?

I will tell you

that human is all those things

and more.


I will tell you


is mistakes and successes

highs and lows

love and hatred

friendship, heartbreak,

a pulse, a heart beat,

and everything in-between.



is the way our hearts

beat faster

when the barest touch grazes us.


The way our mouths open in our sleep

while dream of the most vivid things

while we dream of our wishes.


The way we can say things

everyone can laugh at

or relate to.


Human is also destruction.

Humans are all too good

at killing and destroying and burning and hating

everyone and everything around them.



we’re best at hurting ourselves

making ourselves insecure

hating everything about ourselves

and each other.


Human is destruction.

Human is love.

Human is everything

and everything between the cracks of everything.




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