Just a Poem

Broken Hearts

Inspired by the the first thing you see when you open this website of mine. And the picture attached to this.


I hold my broken heart.

You hold your broken heart.

We all hold our broken hearts

and nurse our broken wounds.


Behind curtains,

in the shadows,

in the dark back alley,

all will be revealed.


Because soon the blood will overflow.

Soon people will notice

the gaping hole in your chest

that you can’t hide anymore.


You used to be whole

you used to be normal

you used to be in love.

We all were.


You wish

you could read the mind of that one person.

Just to know

if they want you the way you want them.

But we all know now

the movies never come true.


So you hold your broken heart

So I hold my broken heart

All we do is pick up the pieces.


But sometimes the pieces are too far gone.






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