Quote of the Day

More like quotes. These are from a book called Girl in Pieces (by Kathleen Glasgow)that I recommend. It’s about a girl’s struggle to put herself together after all the terrible things that have happened in her life.

This book was also some of the inspiration behind my poem Your Perfection Was the Death of You.  The main character, Charlie, cuts herself to get away from all the awful things in her life.

“A girl’s life is the worst life in the world. A girl’s life is: you are born, you bleed, you burn.”

“Cutting is a fence you build upon your own body to keep people out but then you cry to be touched. But the fence is barbed. What then?”

“A drunk and a drunk met and they made a mess: me. I was born with a broken heart.”

“Every aberration of my skin is a song. Press your mouth against me. You will hear so much singing.”

“People should know about us. Girls who write their pain on their bodies.”

Love, be loved, loving YOU,



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