Just a Poem

You Were Gone


Your breath

was the barest whisper of a breeze,

my love.


As you lay dying

I could only put my hand over your heart

feel the strong beat of it

ebb away.


All I could do was kneel by you

even when the ambulance came

and they forced me away from you.


A cold clean hand

on your bloodied neck

feeling for something

that was gone.


Your pulse

not even a flutter left.

You were gone.


And then nothing but hell could keep me away from you.

I pressed my face into the hollow of your neck

above the place where your soul used to rest

and cried.


I cried and screamed

your name to the heavens

but no one answer.


You were another body

in another dark alleyway

and I was another girl in post-trauma therapy.


The government turned us

into nothing more

than statistics.

Why should we be treated as humans?


Your death

swept under the rug.


But I will remember you




6 thoughts on “Just a Poem

  1. This is one of the best poems you have written yet!! It is so beautiful and amazing and so sad but AHHH you’re awesome!


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