The Winter Wonderland Tag

Wow! This is my first tag on this blog. My humble thanks to my darling amazing Evie-chan for tagging me.

Shall we begin?

1. Do you like the cold?

To be honest, no, I hate the cold. I’m pretty much always warm, except my fingers will turn into tiny little icicles no matter what I do. Also, I’ll get pit stains no matter what I do or how cold it is. I would most rather neither be in the heat or cold, but in the cool.

2.  Favorite part about winter?

My favorite part of winter is Christmas break, when I get to recharge, get presents, and eat. I love not being obligated to do your homework the same day you get it. Instead, you have two weeks to do it.  

3. Does it snow where you live?

Usually it does, but only two to three inches, but we still usually have a snow day because the area is hilly and not safe to go driving about in the snow. I love snow, I just don’t have anyone to share it with. My mom pretty much refuses to go outside and my dad isn’t into creating things with snow or throwing it at people.

4. Favorite clothing item during winter?

Gloves/mittens, for my poor cold fingers. And earmuffs, I adore those.

5. What’s your favorite winter memory?

Huh. It must be opening Christmas presents as a little kid, when I still believed in everything and those silly toys I’d always get still brought me joy. Honestly, these days, my Christmas wish list is a big huge blank except for a cell phone and the horse I’m not gonna get until I’m grown up and have land in the countryside.

6. Favorite hot drink?

Either hot cocoa or a cinnamon dulce steamer from Starbucks.

7. Best winter book to read curled up in a blanket?

Hm. I don’t really read Christmasy (that’s a word BTW) books all that much so I’ll just say whatever book I’m reading at the time.

8. Best winter movie to watch?

Also don’t really watch these but you know those times when you turn on the Hallmark channel and just watch that the whole day? That’s the kind of thing I go for. Not that I know the titles of any of those movies.

9. Do you do any winter sports?

I play tennis outside all year round (unless the roads are messed up) so does that count?

10. Favorite Christmas/Holiday/New Year tradition?

Christmas Eve dinner!!! Where my mom makes amazing Polish food, we wait for the first star to come out, then have dinner with Polish Christmas carols playing in the background. It’s also the one time of the year we use our dining room….

Anyways, that’s me. Thanks again for tagging me.

I tag: OY30, deadstardust, Rev, and nostalgicfallacies

Soon to be welcoming December,





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