Just a Poem

My Mind

My sanity
is slowly slipping through the cracks.
My mind
is slowly running away.

I see a world
behind this one.

My mind is slowly disappearing
but I mustn’t tell anyone
I mustn’t say a word.
Or they’ll ship me away.

They’ll say
that white walls
and plastic restraints
were their only option.

So hush!
Don’t say a thing.
If you don’t want me to leave.
If you ever want to see me again.

My mind
could always return.
As if it never left…


This is somewhat true…sometimes. I haven’t done one of these in a while because school was like *cue machine gun* homework homework homework. I’m a person who relies on getting the same amount of sleep every day and last week I went to bed at 11 or later every day. As you can imagine, I was dead/dying/a zombie on Friday. So I’m going to try to hang on until Christmas break so I can get some sleep again.

Wish me sleep (and luck),


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