Okay, This is Kinda Stupid

I was writing relatable except I spelled it wrong so now it said realatable. And I was like: boom. (That was my mind being blown. On a small scale.) I was like: this is what we should strive for. This is what music should should strive for.

There are some popular girls at my school and there was a point that half the time someone said something (anything almost) they would say “Me!!” One time I overheard one of them saying “OMG, everything is just so relatable for me!” And I was like: bro you are so damn shallow! But of course it caught on/ingrained itself in my brain so of course I say it too now.

I just think we shouldn’t all be striving to be the same in every thought/action. That is why I like music that plays up the depth of us (humans) that isn’t exactly the same but we can all agree with or a struggle that we have/had/will likely have. We should be trying less to be the same as everyone else in so many ways and more to be real. I wish I could underline that word more times.

Honestly, people have made up this thing called normal, but it’s an impossible concept. We’re all different, therefore we shouldn’t act, look, or be the same. This should cancel out normal. But unfortunately, it hasn’t, and everything that gets big everyone must do or be a part of, or you aren’t normal or cool. This just bothers me so much!

If everyone took a step back and out of that mindset, we’d be so much better. We’d be much better if we just stopped caring. It would take some getting used to, but if everyone was truly themselves and real, we’d get along so much better and truly accept our differences.

I’m just afraid that it’s too late for our world. I wonder how much differently humans would turn out if we started time over. We just create things that we get addicted to and that waste our time.

So, that all bugs me. And what bugs me more is that I’ve fallen into this more than I’d like to. I like to think that this blog is a tiny rebellion against that- spreading whatever it can against that mindset. If someone- even just one person- saw this post and had a realization that changed their lives, I’d feel so great about doing this, and even better if- let’s say- a thousand people saw this.

And so I’m afraid but I have hope.

Love, hope, and Godspeed,


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