Quote of the Day

“He knew we were filled just to be emptied.”

-This song they sang in church today (I’m not sure if i got the quote right but oh well. Here’s another to make up for it).

“Take your clothes and rip ’em, rip ’em off
Call these hoes and tip ’em, tip ’em off

You can tell them you are mine
I’m sick of, sick of games

No more time, you lit the, lit the flame, yeah

We live in an age where everything is staged
Where all we do is fake our feelings
I’ve been scared to put myself so out there

Time is running out, yeah
Need to let you know that

Last night I woke the fuck up
I realized I need you here, as desperate as that sounds, yeah-eh

Last night I woke the fuck up
I realized I need you here, as desperate as that sounds, yeah-eh

Take these walls and rip ’em, rip ’em down

Take my (uh) and snip ’em, snip ’em now

I will tell them I am yours and very, very proud
I am forced to give in, give in now cause”

-Woke The F*ck Up by Jon Bellion
Another song on The Human Condition album I was quick to fall in love with. Jon Bellion’s music is so great I wish I’d discovered it earlier. i thought he was just a typical singer because the only thing of his I’d heard was him singing Beautiful Now with Zedd. I totally judged a book by its (audio) cover there.
Again I made the parts I especially loved bigger. Which was a lot of parts.
P.S.- I know it was probably yesterday (my short term memory is terrible and made ever worse by the lack of sleep) but it feels like forever since I’ve had a lot of inspiration to write a poem. A couple weeks ago I’d say or think of one or two words and boom, there’d be a poem in my head! I’ve just been so swamped so I took my time posting poems i’d written over Thanksgiving break while I didn’t have internet access. I want to get my inspiration back! So wish me a bit more free time and a better memory (because sometimes I’ll think of an amazing poem or quote and go too long without writing it down and forget it entirely and get so mad at myself)! So wish me all good things!

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