Just a Poem

This was actually inspired by one of the pictures that came with the theme I chose for my website.

The Lens (Part 1)


There is nothing

I would rather fill

the lens of my camera

than you.


I could stare at you

all day

through the lens.



in any outfit

any hairstyle

any mood.


Your face is painfully gorgeous

as it portrays every emotion.

Your hair looks perfect

even if you’ve just stepped

out of the shower.


I’ve seen it all

captured it all

with the lens

of my beat up Kodak.


Through a window

around a corner

from my car

I captured you.


My private collection

that I was ashamed to have

but couldn’t help.


When the lens beckoned,

I simply couldn’t resist.


And so the shy girl

in the back of art class

watched him paint and sketch.

Her secret grew ever bigger.


Until his friend made too much trouble.


Your painfully gorgeous face was now at the workstation next to mine

my partner.

A portrait of your partner, the art teacher said.

I had never known how funny you were.


You cracked jokes while posing.

I told you exactly what look to put on your face.

At first I didn’t laugh. Too shy. Painfully so.


Two days of posing later

the wall broke.

Laughter rushed out of a dam.


Your laugh is hella sexy, you tell me.

We talk so much I’d have to

stay up till midnight to finish.

As if I cared.


So I pulled my Kodak out of my bag.

May I? You nod.

The first time I’d ever asked.


You made so many faces

it took at least ten photos to get

what I wanted.


Your smile

this close

was heartbreaking.

It somehow made your face more perfect.


The spark in your eye

I’d never been able

to see from afar.


Watching you through the lens

was so familiar

I hoped you didn’t notice.

Nice camera, you said.


My heart beat faster

as I watched you come closer

through the lens.


Your hand brushed mine

as you took the camera

inspected it

put it on the table.


Only the lens

in my eyes

would capture this.


The heartbreaking but soullifting

fire in your eyes

as you took my hand

spun me around

and pulled me in

for my first kiss.


The fire wasn’t just in your eyes…


Okay. I have to stop here. Never fear! There shall be a part two.



P.S.- Also disclaimer I’ve never done any of the things above. Except for taking pictures. But not of boys I like. I leave that to my friends. Just kidding!



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