Just a Poem

Your face

I’d never forget it.

Heartbreakingly gorgeous

with your windswept hair.


Your expression

I’d never forget it.

So seductive

my heart stopped.


Your breath

I’d never forget it.

As my hands ventured

beneath your shirt.


Your skin

I’d never forget it.

As I traced the line

between your abs.


Your kiss

I’d never forget it.

Something so tender and

consuming and sexy all at once.


That sound

I’d never forget it.

Your belt

dropping to the floor.


Your gasps,

and moans.


I’d never forget.


I may start to have/need a disclaimer for all of my poems. Let’s see. If I had to think of one that was both true and concise…

Disclaimer: I am forever alone. I have never done these things. Don’t judge my imagination.

šŸ˜‰ ,



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