The Randomness Tag

Hi, everyone! I decided to create this tag just for fun. I don’t know if you can do that, but I’m doing it anyways. These are just random questions I made.


  1. Thank whoever tagged you.
  2. Tag 3-7 (pick a ‘random’ number) other bloggers whose blogs you love.
  3. Answer the questions and add some if you want.
  4. Have fun!


1. What would you do if you were in your crush’s house but nobody was home?

I would go to his room and smell his pillow just to know his scent. Too weird?

2. What do you do when there are no electronics and no other people in a room?

I would either find paper and pen/pencil and start writing or play music loud and dance or something like that. Of course, that’d be cheating the rules a bit, but I always have my poor beat-up IPod Nano with me, so I guess that counts? Or I’d just sing the songs really loud.

3. Pencil or Pen?

Pen! Definitely pen. I love the smoothness of pens.

4. Do you play any sports or have you played any sports in the past? Is there anything from the past you wih you hadn’t given up?

I play tennis. I used to swim, and do gymnastics, Tae Kwon Do, and ballet. I wish I hadn’t given up ballet. Not ballet (I am most definitely not built for ballet) but there was jazz and tap and other things like that. Now my dancing is just uncordinated craziness. I also wish I hadn’t stopped doing martial arts (I’d do a different kind now though) because I feel like it would help me  be more self-aware, move better in general, and be better able to defend myself.

5. Who are you? There’s always that one person in your class/life that’s known for something. What person are you?

I am that one person who loves exercise and actually looks forward to gym class. (Though recently all my hopes and dreams have been crushed because we never dress out, hardly ever do anything, and now we have 13-day-long health class, and since gym is every other day, that means I’m stuck in that room until January 24. aaaaaaaaaaaargh!)

6. If you’re doing science fair, what was your project?

I had to titrate (look it up I’m too lazy to explain) orange juices to find out how much Vitamin C they had.

7. If you didn’t have to worry about money/a home/other problems, what would you do?

I would probably become a crazy freelance writer/poetess and do whatever I wanted to and maybe try singing/songwriting and fall in love and stuff. This is why I envy celebrity’s children- they can try to do anything because they have their parents’ money to support them.

8. What is one (or two if you can’t decide) thing you want in a partner/spouse?

I want a guy who is smart and a fellow lover of sports/exercise/outdoor activity. Explanations are provided in this recent post of mine- check it out!

9. What are you missing or will miss most from your childhood?

I think just the hours of being able to sit there and do entirely pointless and stupid things. Like making dolls ‘go to the bathroom’ or ‘kiss’. Or not having to pay bills. That’s pretty nice too.

10. What is one thing you love about the person who tagged you or their blog?

I’ll just do Evie. 🙂 I love her neverending kindness. I wish I could have it because I know I’d be a much better person (by a lot) with it.

I Tag:


Dead Stardust

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