Quote of the Day

This is from a book I was writing. For some context, the speaker is an angel and the girl he’s talking to tried to kill herself.”

“We wait millions of years for the one we are meant to be with. The longer we wait, the colder we grow. It’s a terrible loss of humanity. I couldn’t-” There Ryciel paused, eyes smoldering, nostrils flaring. “That’s why it took… your attempt… for me to find you. But I’m here now. To protect, honor, serve, love, and cherish you. If you’ll have me.” He bowed low and sank to one knee. His wings flexed open and drooped around him. The look in his eyes when he looked up broke my heart.

“Willo, I promise, I swear. I will die before I let anyone or anything harm you or come between us.” Tears welled in my eyes and all I could do was nod.”

Like that? Please don’t steal it or anything. Just kidding, it’s not that good.



P.S.- There were so many great images of wings. I had to settle on this one even though Ryciel’s wings are golden.

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