Just a Poem

Inspired by this picture.

The Wicked One


The Wicked One

she sat

upon a throne

of skulls and blood.


You were entirely

under the Wicked One’s control.

There was nothing I could do

to save you, my love.


It killed me to watch.


She made you go out

and be her messenger of death.

She made you come home

and please her.


I could not save you.

The Wicked One controlled me too.

I disposed of the bodies

and added to her throne.


Tears ran down my face

as you snuck in to hold me at night.

You told me you loved me

before she called you back to her bed.


I couldn’t take it anymore.

And one day

there was a rumbling

deep inside me.


The Wicked One

picked me to serve her

because I was small

and I was weak.


She knew that

in a world of magic

I must have some

and locked it away.


She picked me for


not thinking of the

strength of human will.


I was blessed not

with one power

but three.


Cleansing fire

of new beginnings.

To burn away evil.


Healing water

to wash pain

and suffering away.


Powerful wind

to crush evil

and foes.


When you’d asked me

if you should try to kill her

I’d begged you

not to be a hero.


But now I had no choice.

I loved you too much.

Too much for you to spend

one more night

in the wrong set of arms.

I’m sorry if I die, love.


The Wicked One’s locks

could not withstand

the force of my magic.


And so the battle began.

The powerful magic of death

against the elements.

The elements could fight,

but they could not win.


Digging deep

burrowing down

into my power.


I thought I’d meet

the bottom

in a bitter kiss.


But under the elements

there was a light.


A light that the power of death

cowered before

and ran away screaming from.


And so the Wicked One

lay dead upon a former throne

of skulls and bones.

Her own skull would join them.


And I saw

that the clouds parted

and heavenly music played

and you swept me up and we danced

but maybe that was the blood loss talking.


But later

while you kissed me

for the first time in years

you told me everything was real.


Sorry for the long one there. I got/downloaded a bunch of new pictures a.k.a poem inspiration! I’m excited!





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