Just a Poem




is the one thing we have

that lets us go on



But hope-

I hate that bitch.


It comes and

pretends I’ll somehow get what I ask for.

It’s a high you come down from

when your dreams are crushed.



is a fool.


It lets you believe

in love.

Believe one thing will work out

when you’re probably meant to be forever alone.



is so stupid.


I love hope

and hate it at the same time.


makes me a fool.


Why was hope

the only good thing in the box

when there could be so much more?

What about dreams and strength and will?



don’t get me started.

Hope is a bastard magazine

that I subscribe to for months at a time.



just won’t leave me



Okay. That was more of a rant than a poem. Don’t mind me. I’m just a dumb thirteen-year-old who’s stuck as a thirteen-year-old because her fucking body is too young for her brain! Sorry.

New disclaimer: This poem is not PG. It demonstrates my forever-aloneness. As usual.

Nothing to see here!



P.S.- If you ever read this, open your damn eyes!


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