Just a Poem

Watching You Decipher Me


There was something

so intimate

about watching you.


Watching you as you

deciphered my handwriting.

As you worked through the

messy parts.


How your hazel beauties

lit up for a split second

as you got what it said.


It made me feel self-conscious

for inheriting doctors’ handwriting-

the messiest of them all.


But I was smiling inside

as I watched you.


Even if you didn’t know

that I loved you

I’d always have these moments

to warm me up inside.


And my heart would stutter

when you looked up and grinned

and told me

“This is really good.”


Ah, the joys (insert sarcastic expression) of being thirteen. Kill me now. 😉 I know I’ll look back on these days and think of how stupid I was. Get ready, older me.




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