The Lens (Part 2)

If you haven’t read Part 1, please go ahead and do that. Warning, spoilers ahead!


The Lens (Part 2)


It was months later

we were still together

and you were my muse

more than ever.


Summer break came

and you invited me over

took me for a walk

to a beautiful field.


That was where you kissed me

where passion burned bright

but I wasn’t quite ready

and you didn’t mind.


And so I lay in your arms

in a field full of flowers

and felt like

the luckiest girl alive.


You let me

slip my hands

under your shirt

and trace the lines I found there.


You took it off, sparking an idea.

My camera was always with me

and you were gorgeous with the sun

warming your beautiful bronze chest.


The lens had brought us together

and so I let the worst secret out

and at first you were freaked out

but to my greatest relief

you made a joke out of it.


And I knew

as I captured your smile

that however long it lasted

that I love you.


And I let your kisses

melt my heart

until dusk came

and you carried me home

asleep in your arms.


So, it’s taken me a hell of a lot of time to do this. But I did it. I hope you enjoyed it!




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