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It’s been another half-terrible half-wonderful day. The terrible was of course school and the two tests and general boredom found there. Plus my mom getting mad at me. The wonderful was going to the gym and improving myself, blogging, and a great finish to the day with a nice electronic conversation and new quoted from my most darling chan! Te amo! Gracias para todo hoy! (I’m pretty sure that’s right but if you speak Spanish feel free to correct me).

And so right now I have a happy feeling, perfect for going to sleep with! Besides, who doesn’t celebrate when there’s one school day left until Christmas break? I am literally smiling right now- it’s been a while since I’ve felt this happy for more than a couple seconds- anyways. A rare little look at my life there. Enjoy!

Goodnight and Farewell,


P.S.- I can only hope this feeling carries on till the morning.

P.P.S.- Thank you again, chan. You are my support team, even when the rest of my support team is being mean or wonky. Just kidding, I love you all, but chan is thebomb.com 😉

P.P.P.S.- *Does making it rain motion* Love all around, especially to those who need it. Sorry. I’m just in such a great mood (and praying it doesn’t go away). I’ll stop with the PS’s now. LOVE all around! *Does clinking glass motion*

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