An update on my life.

I have a bunch of poems written I just have to find pictures for them. I’m sorry for being so inactive but it’s Christmas break and I finally have time to be lazy. My blog is suffering for it, unfortunately.

I’ve had this really nice little notebook for maybe two years now. It’s really pretty- a couple shades of blue and ‘Love wildly live simply always be yourself’ is written on the cover in various fonts. Anyway, since it’s so nice, I’ve absolutely no idea what to put in it. I’d always think of something, then say “that’s not good enough for such a nice notebook”. Does anyone else do this?

So, the point is, I got over my what-to-write-in-this-notebook phobia and decided to write poems in it when I can’t access WordPress or have an idea and need to write it down before I forget.

In a way, this’ll improve my blog because I won’t forget poems like I do sometimes. So, looking forward to it.

This feels weird because my blog isn’t supposed to be about my life but about poetry. I need somewhere to talk, however, so here we are.

Hope you enjoy,

Merry Christmas Eve,



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