Trapped by Outside

I’ve been a bit off inspiration. Mostly because school is where I get most of my random inspiration from. There’s less random craziness at home. And, let’s be honest, my (stupid, stupid) crush inspires an unhealthy amount of poems. But this isn’t about my health! It’s about my poems! So here’s another one. Enjoy.


Trapped by Outside


There she is.


All A’s.



There she is.

Not beautiful, but pretty.

Not fat, no slim.

Strong and good at sports.


There she is,

on the outside.

On the inside,

sh – I’m drowning.



I have a battering ram

to break the spell,

but they don’t see the inside.


They don’t see

the stupid moments

the craziness

the tears

the inner struggle

the maelstrom hiding behind the veil.


I’m suffocating under expectations.

Let me out.

Into the fresh air.

Where I can be me.

Where I can breathe.


To the brave:

Venture past the outside.

And maybe you’ll fall in love

with the inside



From a Trapped Girl




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