Quote of the Day

First off, I’d like to wish you all a happy new year! It doesn’t feel like new year to me but I know a lot of people are waiting for 2016 to be over so at least they’ll be happy. Also, I don’t feel like doing one of those overview of 2016 posts because, to be honest, I am too lazy and don’t feel like listing what I did right and wrong.

The sad thing is, it doesn’t matter what year it is for now. Schedule-wise, every week and consequently ever month is the same for me. Sometimes I really hate it. Especially this year- another school year, more Spanish, tennis, and gym. Over and over. And this year I’ll turn 14. Nothing happens when you turn 14, at least in the US. Just a year closer to getting a learner’s permit and 2 years away from getting a driver’s license. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love and am blessed for having/doing all those things, but I sometimes I want a break but can’t get one.

Also, my mom makes me make my bed every single morning. It’s not horrible torture or anything, but I don’t see the point in making your bed just to unmake it, every single day. If guests come, I’ll make my bed. If not (sorry), fuck off. I’m sorry this just annoys me it’s so pointless why doesn’t my mom understand?? And she said she’d take my phone away for the day for every day I don’t make my bed. :((((((((((( Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Sorry, I had to rant. And now for the quote of the day:

Nope, more rambling. There’s this guy on Instagram, toilet_paper_poetry, who posts great things if you’re ever on there, but this is pretty much another way to cheat and not make my own quotes.

“I don’t just love you. I love all of you.”

“Love is magic. And to look for logic in magic, what a fool you must be.”

“No good woman can change a bad man. But a bad man can change for a good woman.”


Happy New Year,


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