Something to Try

Hi! I was thinking about starting a series of poems called Conversations Between Lovers. They’re unrelated (as in the people talking are different) but have the same general theme.

As you may have guessed, blogging commitments like a story or series don’t work out well for me. I just don’t like how I get feeling like I have to do things by a certain time and then when I finish it by that time feeling like it isn’t my best work. But, I’m going to try this and see where it goes. If anything, I’ll have fun finding pictures for it.

I hope you like it and I hope I have fun doing it. Welcome to the start of a small and experimental journey!




6 thoughts on “Something to Try

  1. Can’t wait! Talking about blogging commitments, you’re not alone on that one.😋 I suck at blogging commitments too so yeah. All the best in 2017 and Happy New Year if I haven’t already wished you.☺xx


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