The Masked God

Why do you call me a fool

for trying to see beyond your mask?

What is behind it

that you can’t have anyone see?


You cannot see the god behind the mask,

my beautiful one.

I don’t know what you would do if you saw.

It is safer this way, my love.


Why do you hide

behind walls and armor

and layers of calculated emotion?

Why can’t I see you truly smile?


You cannot see the broken heart

of a god struck down for his love.

It is my burden to bear,

and mine alone.


My dearest,

I hide

because I fear 

that I am beyond saving.


You are my heart.

My heart needs to smile.

to laugh

to feel alive.


My love,

I can’t lose you

to darkness

and depression.


My heart is yours.

I’m sure

you’ll keep it better

than I have.


My sweet,

my sadness 

shouldn’t break you.

Perhaps I should leave…


If you left

it would shatter me

more than your sadness.

I need  you.


I never imagined

that I would ever

love someone

need someone.


This love is so deep in me now.

To take it away would surely mean the death of me.

Can’t you see we cannot be without each other?

And yet I cannot see your face.



Your sadness is so profound

that to see you smile is heartbreaking

because I don’t know if it will last.



I’m doing the opposite

of loving you

or giving you what you need.


I am a poison-

toxic to you.

Could you live with a poison

all the years of your life?


I love you.

I won’t die for you,

but live for you

because I know you need me.


My love,

please take off your mask.

I love you, and when I see your face

I will truly love all of you.


While I know the truth of all this,

’tis a dangerous thing for you to love

all or any of me.

I swore I’d never endanger you.


Don’t you understand

that I will take all the poison

and all the danger in the world

to be with you, my love?



Let not tears

pour down your face,

or I shall have to wipe them away.


Then wipe them away, my love.

I can deny you no longer.

Gaze upon the face of the one you love,

see the god behind the mask.


Your face is a composition

of perfect things.

My eyes have never beheld

a more beautiful thing.


My heart has never loved

a more wonderful being.

Or one of so many



A god struck to live on earth

a heartbroken heartbreaker

a glorious thing to behold on the outside

a broken thing on the inside.


My love, before you speak!

I love these things

I want to fix the broken heart

beating inside your chest.


No one.

No one ever,

but you.

You are a miracle, darling.


I am but a broken thing

that nothing but your sweet love

can ever fix.

I don’t care if you break me again.


Now it is my turn

to wipe

the tears

off your sweet face.


I could do this

every day

for a thousand years

and never ask for more.


I love you.

I want nothing else

but you

and the next forever with you.


Even if our love destroys us

I want the same

and happiness

and a smile on your face.


I will be sure

to make you laugh

and fix you

every day.


I will kiss you

and tickle you

until you push me away laughing

every single day.


This promise I make to you

to be renewed every day

because I love you

for the ages and forever and beyond.

Whew! That was a long one. I hope you liked it and that it didn’t bore you!

Talk lovers, talk,



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