It Wasn’t Love at First Sight

2 months after she started…hehehehe…sorry it took so long

“I feel like a part of my soul has loved you since the beginning of everything. Maybe we’re from the same star.”



It wasn’t love at first sight.

I didn’t truly believe in that

even the hopeless romantic that I was.

You need more of a connection than your eyes meeting

to know you’re going to love someone.

When you start talking,

start bonding,

you just know.

You immediately feel like

there’s something there-

a part of you

that you hadn’t discovered before.

Of course when our eyes met

that day

when I walked into that dreary Spanish classroom

with its even more depressing teacher,

I looked down shyly.

Because you were beautiful-

heartbreakingly so-

with your short wavy messy hair

your defined jaw

your skin- with corded muscle hidden just beneath,

even your height – perfect – taller than me just enough

so I could tilt my head up

and our lips would meet.

You had no idea-

you still don’t-

just how much

I imagined us together-

your arms around me.

How many times I wondered

if your lips were as soft as they seemed.

You could ask me

what a word meant in Spanish

because I was ahead of the class

and my heart would melt.

I had no defense

against you.

How could anyone?

They couldn’t know

that they’d meet

something as gorgeous as you.

So maybe it wasn’t love at first sight

but it sure as hell was something.

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