What If I Was That Girl?

Hi! I’m back! I didn’t post yesterday because I was busy and then went to a sleepover. I think the last week of winter break must be sleepover week or something because everyone’s having them. It was really fun and now I’m a bit sleepy and here’s this poem!

For every insecure person out there:


What If I Was That Girl?


What if I was that girl?

The amazingly elegant dancer?

The singer whose voice never falters?

The actress who never forgets her lines?

The girl who knows five different instruments like the back of her hand?

The one who can get up and pour her heart out in front of everyone and know that she looks good doing it?

But I’m not that girl.


What if I was that girl?

The slim, flexible dancer?

The curvy popular girl?

The girl who looks skinny and fragile eating just as much as anyone else?

The poised, postured girl who knows everything?

But I’m not that person.


What if I was that girl?

The one who could let out her thoughts and feelings and heart and soul,

The one who isn’t afraid to let it all go for more than a moment,

And be scared of ridicule and horrified faces?

But that’s not me.


What if we were that person we all imagine?

But we’re not.


So tell me,

If we’re all different,

What is normal?

What is perfect?


We all look, live, laugh, love, listen differently.

So the thing is,

The truth is,



They can’t be real.

Simply cannot exist.


So let go of those standards.

Do what they’ve told you all this time.

Be you, be free.

Love, laugh, live the way you want,

The way only you can.


Be you so much you don’t care what others think,

And let perfect

And normal



Because without you the world wouldn’t be nearly as beautiful.


This is something I need to tell myself more often…I need a confidence boost – if you have any to spare please send it my way 😉

Thank you to everyone who reads and enjoys this blog! I love you all!

Love and Thanks,


P.S.- Oh, and in case it wasn’t blatantly obvious, that girl is not me. I’m not that pretty. (Yet). 😉

P.P.S.- Do not take that up there wrong I love you all please don’t judge me! *Crawls back into shell*


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