A-Z Tag!

I was nominated by the lovely Ocean from My Life in an Ocean of Fear to do this tag. Many thanks! You should take a peep at her blog – anyone can relate to it!

The A-Z of me:

A- Aggressive (if you try to hurt my friends/family)

B- Biking

C- Cat Lady (I’ve got 5)

D- Dog Pack (if 2 makes a pack, a mini-pack?)

E- Exercise

F- Faith/Faithful

G- Genius (a.k.a. kinda smart)

H- Hiking/Horseback Riding

I- Inspired

J- Joyful

K- Kindhearted/Kinetic (in case you don’t know kinetic means characterized by motions and that’s definitely me)

L- Love

M- Mad (as in crazy)

N- Netflix

O- Organized

P- Poetess

Q- Queer (I copied off of Ocean because I couldn’t think of one but this is definitely true)

R- Ropes Courses (you should try it sometime – they’re really fun)

S- Smart/Summer

T- Tennis

U- Understanding

V- Vast (is the world in my mind)

W- Wolves (I want to meet one up close – without it eating me)

X- OK I have no idea

Y- YouTube

Z- Zealous


I Nominate: (I tried to nominate different people than from last time)


Infinite Zip


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