Existential Crisis

Heaven desecrated you

Hell broke you

Earth caged you

Each took away some of your spirit.


Your wings clipped

Your pieces scattered

Your heart with a chasm in it

You no longer matched the definition of what you were.


An angel was sacred 

Not broken and scared

An angel had the ability to love

Couldn’t be unable to trust anyone.


So what were you now?

Now that you couldn’t even meet a classification?

You were the very definition

Of an existential crisis.


An angel that can’t fly.

An angel caged.



14 thoughts on “Existential Crisis

  1. Thank you! I don’t know. I have a pretty normal life. I guess I’m just weirdly inspired? Or because I was looking for good pictures and saw one of an angel in a cage and thought of that poem? If you read some of my older posts, you’ll see that I am inspired by the most random things. Sorry for the long reply. -Ivy x

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  2. Ivy, thanks for explaining your thoughts. Not too long at all! I’m interested in how you think. Your blog site is exceptionally well done and your writing is very mature. You have a gift at your young age. 🎶 Christine

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