My Book: 1

Here is a piece of his work so you can see how great he is!

The Young Writer Web

Yes, that is my title. Thats the first thing I should have but I cant find anything that fits.. If you do please, PLEASE tell me because if this continues my story will forever be known as “My Book.”

Anyhow here’s what I have come up with so far, I will post changes probably about every 2 weeks or so… Probably.

Every story that was ever told said the same thing “They are dangerous, killers, they have no emotion, STAY AWAY!” That one was the biggest one, “stay away and if you see one, run.” Thats what everyone said to do, even I said it. So why didn’t I run? Well simple, I couldn’t see how someone with such beautiful eyes could be so dangerous. 

It was mid winter and I was coming back into town, it had been 3 weeks since I was able to get out of my…

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