Would You Stay?

The wait is over! Not that anyone was stalking my blog, waiting. Just kidding, I don’t really care.

I’m sorry, I’m very stupid today. I need sleep and I just looked over all the stuff I have to for high school/early college applications and died a little inside. On that cheery note, poetry!


If I shared everything

All of me-

Would you stay?


I couldn’t bear if you left-

If I never got to feel

your strong arms around me ever again.

“My youth is yours.”


10 thoughts on “Would You Stay?

  1. Would you share everything though? I mean shouldn’t there be some secrets left? Or better do you feel comfortable sharing all secrets? The ugly stuff? The stuff that makes you realize that you have a dark side? I just had a conversation with a blogging friend of mine about secrets and that they are simply the dark things about us we like to keep hidden. So do you feel comfortable to share this stuff with anyone at all?

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  2. Not anyone at all – it was more of a true love themed poem. If you feel (or at least me) that you’re going to love someone all your life and maybe marry them and all that, you’re bound to share at least some of the ugly. I’d share maybe not everything, but a lot or most at least. Does that makes sense? (it does to me so it might not make sense to other people that’s why I’m asking)

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