Quote of the Day

Haha, totally didn’t miss like three of these. So here’s three quotes to make up for it!




6 thoughts on “Quote of the Day

  1. Ivy, love your quotes! Just to let you know the post Versatile Blogger Award is not functioning. I cannot access it. I get an Oops…when I click on it. Is it just me and there are comments from others? Thank you for the nomination. I really appreciate you thinking of me. However, Before Sundown is an Award Free blog. Your visits and comments are enough! Also I have an Awards Page on the blog’s menu, and an Awards section. Yes, I’ve accepted awards and received many from the blog’s beginning. Now it’s time to concentrate on book writing, reading posts and making comments. Thanks again, Ivy! 🎼 Christine

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  2. That’s no problem (about not doing the award). Here, it is the thought that counts. And the issue with the Versatile Blogger Award is that I published it accidentally before I was finished, but it will be up soon. I’m so glad you love my quotes and look forward to my posts. It truly does mean a lot and your comments always make my day. Thank you so so much, Christine!

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