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Find something new to fuel your soul today.



The Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you to Hajira for nominating me! Check out her blog – it’s truly amazing!

The Rules :

  • Show the award on your blog
  • Thank the person that has nominated you
  • Share 7 different facts about yourself
  • Nominate 15 blogs of your choice
  • Link your nominees and let them know about the nomination

7 Things About Me:

  1. Panera Bread and Salsarita’s are my favorite fast food places. (And I don’t really eat that much fast food because I don’t trust McDonald’s and places like that because of all the stories about them. Besides, it’s not really healthy).
  2. Some of my favorite series are: The Selection Series, Throne of Glass, Twilight (don’t judge the romantic in me), Alice in Zombieland (it sounds stupid but it’s actually really good), How to Train Your Dragon, The Series of Unfortunate Events, and whatever series A Court of Thorns and Roses and A Court of Mist and Fury are in.
  3. I will never ever be any sort of artist because my drawing skills are totally nonexistent. Hence the whole art through words thing.
  4. Well I wouldn’t call myself a health/exercise freak because I love food and couch potato days too much, but I also really love exercise in most of its lovely forms. Some of these forms are the gym, tennis, biking, hiking, and walking from class to class (hahaha insert sarcastic expression).
  5. When I have a crush my friends and I make up a weird code name for them so when we talk about “Milkshake” or “Giraffe” people don’t know what we’re talking about.
  6. My eyes are abnormal in a pretty manner. (Yes let me call my own eyes pretty and don’t judge me). A ring of brown surrounds the pupil and a ring of green surrounds the brown and there’s a slight tiniest tinge of dark blue that melts into the black circle around the colored part of the eye. (Can anyone tell I know eye anatomy really well?)
  7.   One of my cat’s name is Skye but we call her Mr. Kitty. (My family isn’t crazy and/or weird. *Looks around suspiciously*)

That was actually kind of hard I always have trouble telling people things about myself.

And The Lovely Nominees:






Okoto Enigma



Absolutely Olivia




That’s not fifteen and if I spelled your name wrong or you don’t do tags forgive me.



P.S.- I saw this in my drafts and said oops. It had been sitting there, ready to be published for ages. :/ Great blogger right here.

Quote of the Day/Song(s) of the Week

I found the male Melanie Martinez (at least in my opinion). His name is Alec Benjamin and he’s on SoundCloud. So I’m going to cheat and put a quote of the day and song of the week in one place because you should definitely listen to this song.

She told me that she loved me by the water fountain
She told me that she loved me and she didn’t love him
And that was really lovely because it was innocent
But now she’s got a cup with something else in it
It’s getting kind of blurry at a quarter past ten
And he was in a hurry to be touching her skin
She’s feeling kind of dirty when she’s dancing with him
Forgetting what she told me by the water fountain

-The Water Fountain by Alec Benjamin

I also like End of the Summer and 1994 (which I’ll include here because why not?) You might like some of his other song, so go to SoundCloud and have a look-see there if you want. Enjoy at your own risk – they’re really addictive!



Quote of the Day

“I don’t want anyone less broken than you.”


P.S.- This quote is by me. If you ever want to use my quotes just let me know. I’m not going to deny you permission or anything like that, but I just want to be given credit and to be aware of my quotes being used (because it’s validating).

P.P.S.- If I sound awkward, needy, or rude through the screen, sorry. ❤

Jagged Edges

Somehow even though I’m the shittiest blogger in the history of blogs, I’m getting such lovely support and followers. I can’t thank you enough but I’ll sure try my best to. I’ve been wanting to publish this little bit of poetry for ages but couldn’t find the time. And, as always, I’m proud that I’m somehow alive. Also, it’s Friday, a day where once school is over I pretend I don’t know what homework is. I have so much music and poetry to share it’s unbelievable. I’ve become inspired to work on my books again. So here’s this poem because I really want to work on them.

Jagged edges

That cannot be smoothed

Are what make us human

We can only hope

That in a short breath of a lifetime

We find someone

Whose jagged edges fit our own

“You’re ripped at every edge but you’re a masterpiece.”

-Colors by Halsey



Quote of the Day/My Life

The quote above explains my life situation.

I am indeed alive. (Hm, sounds like I’m trying to prove something to myself). And yes, I’ll say that every time sorry if it annoys you. So, my life sucks right now (exaggerated first world people problems of course my life could be tons worse).

But, I love blogging – as soon as I started writing I was breathing easier.

I have a ton, or at least a substantial amount of poetry written that somehow never makes it on here. But when I start having more time per day (which may be as late as the beginning of March :/ ) I will put it on here and I can’t wait.

Also, I found a whole bunch of Jon Bellion music, which is making me die (in a good way of course)!  So I’m really happy about that. And here’s a bunch of Jon Bellion quotes to make up for the quote of the days I’ve missed and am surely going to miss.

Warning: Ivy is going to turn into a Jon Bellion obsessionaire so just roll with it.






Good advice.

I’ll have a Song of the Week makeup at some point and it’ll probably be all Jon Bellion so don’t hate me!

Dealing With Issues By Creating Obsessions,