Quote of the Day/My Life

The quote above explains my life situation.

I am indeed alive. (Hm, sounds like I’m trying to prove something to myself). And yes, I’ll say that every time sorry if it annoys you. So, my life sucks right now (exaggerated first world people problems of course my life could be tons worse).

But, I love blogging – as soon as I started writing I was breathing easier.

I have a ton, or at least a substantial amount of poetry written that somehow never makes it on here. But when I start having more time per day (which may be as late as the beginning of March :/ ) I will put it on here and I can’t wait.

Also, I found a whole bunch of Jon Bellion music, which is making me die (in a good way of course)!  So I’m really happy about that. And here’s a bunch of Jon Bellion quotes to make up for the quote of the days I’ve missed and am surely going to miss.

Warning: Ivy is going to turn into a Jon Bellion obsessionaire so just roll with it.






Good advice.

I’ll have a Song of the Week makeup at some point and it’ll probably be all Jon Bellion so don’t hate me!

Dealing With Issues By Creating Obsessions,



6 thoughts on “Quote of the Day/My Life

  1. This is great stuff. Poetry and music are the only two mediums, in my opinion, that really capture the human condition. I’m sure there are other mediums I’m not thinking of, but poetry and music really affect me. Whatever mood I am in or want to be in, music will get me there. Anyways. This is a great post. Thanks!

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