Disappearing Ivy

God, how I’ve disappeared. I do literally nothing but homework.

But I’ve no time for that – I have to study. Ugh.

WordPress even had an update in all the time I’ve been gone.

Stop it, Ivy.

So the main reason for this quick bit is to give you something to look forward. I can’t remember if I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been getting back into writing. I have a new music obsession, which I’ll hopefully post about soon – they’re amazing! So, anyway, the short story ties in with that. You’ll see.

I’ve been working on it in any sliver of spare time I’ve had and I utterly refuse to stop before the end. You heard it right here – Ivy has made a commitment! It’ll probably end up forgotten like the rest of her commitments – but there’s always that small chance! The suspense!

Excuse me while I slap myself.

Thank you. And here’s a quote, because I’m already here.

“I think music is going to kill me. But in a good way. Maybe? It feels like something inside is swelling up and my heart is beating faster. Maybe I’m dying.”


True story – this keeps happening to me. I wonder when my heart will burst. If anyone wants to kill me, they legit just have to play the right music.

Okay, I’ll end now because I must be boring you by now (or about 30 seconds after you started reading).

Much love,


8 thoughts on “Disappearing Ivy

  1. Ahhh..Music. I’m listening to Brian Eno’s Reflection. The album is one song. 52 minutes. It’s ambient music, but really sparks creativity and calm all at once. Music can remind us, particularly those songs we listened to with a crush or a long-lost love. Music can inspire, like many of the national anthems across the planet. Music accentuates, by adding to the emotion of the scenes in the movies we watch. Ahhh..Music.

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  2. Thank you so much for the comment, Dave! It was so true and resounding and beautiful. It seems music can do almost anything, or inspire us to do anything. I may have to try some ambient music, thank you for the artist and album name. Thank you for being so lovely!

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