“Women desire to be pursued.” {Ivy’s Retreat #1}

If this seems out of order or weirdly cut off it’s because I wanted to end with the positive.

The only thing I didn’t like was the part where she said “Men are made from dirt. They are called to work that earth and get food out of it. They are called to provide – to go out and get things and bring them back home. To make sure their women and children and have all they need so they can have all they desire.

My response: True, true. And sometimes I do want you to provide me with things and treat me like a queen. Key word – sometimes. I can carry my own suitcase up the stairs or to the car. It’s good work for my muscles. I work out for a reason. And yes, sometimes I’ll be tired or it will be too heavy for me – and you’ll see that and get to impress me with your superior testosterone-fueled upper-body strength. Yay, you.

And I absolutely love it when you open the door for me (all those thirteen-year-old guys who have no manners I’m looking at you) but I want to do the same for you. Everything has a flip side, and I’m a picky contradictory woman, so you’ll just have to figure me out. I love you, guy in my future who I am currently apparently having a (rather one-sided) conversation with.

Sorry. Moving on.

—Okay, positivity time—

“Women desire to be pursued,” the camp counselor told us. “Men desire to pursue beauty. You are beautiful. I invite you to close your eyes and listen to this video – it’s about four minutes long.”

A man’s voice boomed through The Lodge. I could even feel it through the cold floor I was lying on. He said “You are beautiful. You are unique. That number on the scale, the amount of Twitter followers you have, those don’t change the fact that God loves you and men want to pursue you.” I can’t remember it all but was moving and (literally) shook the ground.

After it was over the counselor said “You are captivating. I’m going to say that again. You. Are. Captivating. Men are made from dirt and women are made from his rib. Men want to pursue you.”

I didn’t agree with everything she said during that session, but that was pretty amazing. That was worth sharing.

And I wonder why they don’t do these kinds of things at school (minus the religion but five times the encouragement and you are beautiful. We should have a National or International Self-Worth/Confidence Day).

Ivy is currently listening to: Now and Later by Sage the Gemini

You are captivating,



8 thoughts on ““Women desire to be pursued.” {Ivy’s Retreat #1}

  1. Sounds like an interesting retreat. We think whether male of female we are created in Gods image and regardless of gender we all need and want to be treated with respect and dignity and love. Keep writing those letters to that man because one day God will answer those letters and bring that special man. We know!

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  2. Aw, thanks so much! That was so sweet! If you don’t mind, I think I’ll quote this. That really made my day – thanks guys!


  3. You are welcome Ivy. It worked for us anyway. We had to make a lot of mistakes on the road to waiting but WOW is it ever worth it, believe us!! You are worthy of everything good so please don’t ever settle.


  4. That whole thing sounds nice exept for the part about “women desire to be pursued” part. That quote reminds me too much about that bill board that went up in Winsten Salem. (Real men provide, real women don’t complain… or something along those lines.) Ughity ugh ugh excuse you billboard but i don’t any patriachy in my life. jeez jeez jeez

    i wish we had a self love class. people NEED that. self -esteem is so low for a lot of people. it would be nice to be reminded of those things.

    check your email chan i need help with math.

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  5. Well, I mean I agree with it because I do desire to be pursued 😜 but I can also do pursuing myself…it goes both ways.
    We should have self love classes. Or a club or something

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