Quick Update

You may have gotten used to my daily long posts. I’m glad – and sorry – I’m here to tell you you shouldn’t get used to it. 😐

I spent a lot of time on WordPress yesterday, and went to bed late doing my homework. Oops. It was worth it, but I had an interview this morning, so it wasn’t the best idea. Also, I want to have more time to work on my story. Maybe I’ll do one big post a week and one or two short posts a day??

So – about the story. I’ve decided to post it in increments of five Word Document pages. I’m almost done with the first five, so hopefully you’ll be seeing that soon. I’ve been dedicating myself to writing at least one paragraph a day, no matter what. (That doesn’t sound like much but it is when it’s midnight).

There’s just so much I want to write about it’s overwhelming. But I’ll take it with baby steps and I should be fine.




4 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Time always seems to be against us, for some reason… there’s never enough of it so that we can write what we want to write and read what we want to read and just in general to what we want to do.

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  2. I can’t decide if i should do it today or tomorrow…I know you’ll say today but I want to make it perfect even though there’s no such thing

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