Quote of the Day – A Beautiful Poem From Evie

today i talked to the ocean

and i saw anger in her eyes.

i laid my hand on top of

hers and said,

honey, i know.


Go on over to lettersfromabrokenperson.wordpress.com to find more beautiful and inspiring poetry that rings with truth! Evie also posts truly deep things that have you thinking for days after reading them. I’d say she’s one of the nicest people I have the pleasure of knowing, but she’s the nicest person I know. She’s lovely and deserves all the best – thanks for being a part of my support team and not judging me – even though you’ve had about twenty million reasons to do so.

I’m reading a book based in the 18th or 19th century and the wording is starting to rub off on me and I love it so much! I need sleep a lot – I’m slowly losing my ability to perform basic tasks… On a happier note, tennis is tomorrow and there’s one more day left before Friday. And I have tennis on Saturday and Sunday. Maybe I’ll have a sudden burst of confidence and ask them all these questions. Or they’ll ask me questions.

What Will Actually Happen:

*total silence on both ends*

What Would Happen If Someone Spoke: (S= Skateboarder)

S: Hey! You!

Me: Huh?

S:What’s your name?

Me: Um, er, um, Ivy. *clears throat awkwardly*

S: You’re a pretty good tennis player, Ivy.

Me: Sometimes. What’s your name?

S: Levi.

Me: You’re a pretty good skateboarder, Levi. How old are you?

S: *Smiles* Sometimes. I’m seventeen.

Us: blah blah blah conversation that will never even happen


Ivy is listening to: No Money by Galantis, Drive by Halsey

Time to finish my math homework. Because I know my future career will need me to be able to find the missing side of a “special” right triangle.



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