Quote of the Day

The only skateboarders that came to the tennis courts were two I’d never seen before. 😢  Shame shame shame on you. I still have Saturday and Sunday – you’d better show up. hahahaha I’m such a weirdo!

When the fever’s gone
And the road’s to dust
I touchdown Sunday
To tie the loose ends up
With a pocket full of
That gypsy stuff
I heard you calling me, calling me, calling me
Through the dissonance
I’ve been known to run
Just to feel the rush
But the dying sun
Illuminates so much
It’s hard to see beyond what’s in sight
But when you tilt the light I realize
For 1000 nights
I’ve been a restless soul
Just wasting time
Digging up fool’s gold
It took a 1000 nights
Being on my own
For me to find
It was all fool’s gold
I felt the fever on
But couldn’t taste the fruit
There’s a bulletproof bond
Between meaning and you
-1000 Nights by Frenship (my calm-down song)
A lovely song!
Ivy is currently listening to: 3 Strikes by Terror Jr.

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