The picture goes with the poem in my opinion but fear not there will be other ones. The first (above) was my original inspiration, though. Don’t judge.

Also: Why does the WordPress update suck so much? It’s turning my life upside down, no – it’s pushing me through the looking glass – the side bar was perfectly fine just where it was!! Okay, maybe I’m just being melodramatic. But here’s a poem – when you realize you haven’t posted a poem in about…what? Twenty years? ☹😅😐☹😢:/

Image result for male angel

You were just a boy

Who happened to look like an angel

And when you opened your mouth 

And spoke

Image result for male angel

Something else happened to me entirely

Your singing

Made my soul rise

And yet

There was something

Related image

In the depths of your eyes

That made boy angel 

Into something


Image result for male angel

For an angel.


Ivy is currently listening to (I feel like this is annoying but it’s fun to write): Don’t Leave by Snakehips and MO

Why, WordPress, why? Don’t change yourself just because the world around you is too! You’re perfect just the way you are (were)! Why?!? Sorry.

The pictures were a bit difficult to find so if all the shirtlessness bothers you you have my sincere apologies. Too old-fashioned? I hate that any old-fashioned speaking sounds really fake these days even though the speech of these days is the real fake speech. At any rate, sorry.

8 thoughts on “Tortured

  1. I’m with you 100% on the changes WordPress has wrought. I had to switch back to the “old” interface so that I could understand things again. Yet another step backward for someone who tries to stay current. Thanks for speaking up. – Marty

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  2. I was scrolling down your blog and saw the giant face of Conner Boatman and shook my head and laughed. chan chan chan and your tortured angel

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  3. I know right? That’s exactly how i imagined your reaction! hehehe he is so beautiful no one can take that opinion away from me – sorry if you’re reading this I’m kind of a little obsessed (cough cough understatement cough cough). So angelic, though! (It’s like yes Evie-chan it’s the Boat – man 🤣 haha just kidding) chan chan chan me and my tortured angel.
    When you write a letter instead of a comment…

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  4. Tru deau Oh my goodily goodness gracious sweet hot damn! (I hope you don’t mind my version – it’s also what I say about a certain singer…) *double chin face*

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