Set Me Ablaze {Fire Poems}

Your love

Is a fire

Coursing through my veins

The best kind of heat

The best kind of heart attack

Set me ablaze, love.


Slows my blood

To a freezing white standstill

Your hand reaches

Through the darkness

The one thing to hold to in the darkness

My lighthouse in the storm

Fingers twine

Lips meet

Hearts burst into dancing blue flames

Image result for fire watercolor

“Never fall in love. Love makes you insane.”

But can they not see

That you, my love,

Are the only thing

Keeping me running right off the edge

And never looking back?

“Love has attached me to something – I’m grounded in a way I never was before – attached to you.”

I can feel the sun and the stars

Burning for an eternity

But they do not compare

To the fire

Your touch makes 

Just beneath the surface of my skin

A roaring inferno

I’d never looked as good

As after a night with you

My skin glowed

My hair was a fiery halo

The lights looked dim next to our reflections

I can never resist

The heat you put inside me

Up, up, up


Until it crests

And I forget my own name

Image result for fire watercolor

The things your love does to me

Too many for me to ever be able to write them all down

But for now

Fuel the fire of my inspiration, love.

For you, my love – 
I hope you read this someday.


Ivy is listening to: The Cold Water Cover by Citizen Four


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