Quote of the Day

You are beautiful β€” so incredibly beautiful that you evoke the jealousy of the stars in the desert on a moonless night and the setting sun over the Pacific. They covet the radiant glow of your heart and the gentle warmth of your smile. You cannot hide the innocence and purity emitted from the essence of your nature, nor the joy and life that follows you wherever you go. Never before have I beheld a creature of such grace and magnificence, for truly there is no viable comparison.


You are all beautiful. No matter how much you believe otherwise. What you lack, someone else will always have more of. But think of all the things others lack that you have an abundance of. You are beautiful. Smile. Take the joy from inside of you and let it shine through in you eyes. That’s beauty.

Perfection isn’t beauty. Perfection isn’t real, no matter how much the industry promotes and how much it has ingrained itself into our heads. Perfection only exists on glossy magazine pages, and that’s not real.

Beauty isn’t about smooth, blemish-free skin or having big curves. Beauty is about being able to love yourself despite your blemishes. Beauty is accepting those blemishes and cherishing them. Beauty isn’t about covering yourself up, it is screaming “I’m not perfect, world! And I like it that way! Deal with it.”

The makeup industry is a lie. If anything at all, makeup should be used to highlight the features you already have, not make a mask over the person beneath it. It’s hard to believe they make so much money off of us.

Don’t let the world – or anyone – tell you that you aren’t beautiful. Tell them that you’re glad to be there to make up for their lack of kindness. No matter what, you are beautiful. And beauty comes in a million forms.




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