Quote of the Day

Whisper, say my name
The lights are gettin’ lower
Trouble, from your lips
One taste, I’m goin’ over
Falling, between
This feel, is what I’m after
Empty, need the high
Fix me, I’m feelin’ sober

I don’t even care, yeah you got me, good
We don’t gotta know if we should
Gettin’ lost on you, yeah you said I could
Cause you know that, cause you know

Once I get it (Going)
So addicted (Oh)
Got me trippin’ (Oh)
High off of you

Once you get it (Going)
So addicted (Oh)
Got you trippin’ (Oh)
High off of me

-High by Sivik

This song is the freaking bomb.com. Listen to it right now. Right now. I think it describes how first love should feel like. Anyway. Listen to it. I’ve been addicted to it for the past two days.


Also, I can’t say the break hasn’t been nice. I’m not even going to overly apologize for it. This has been the first weekend in forever since I didn’t feel overwhelmed with homework, done with life, and like I couldn’t relax. It was great.

I hope yours was just as good!




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