Light/Love/First & What They Really Need to Teach Today’s Young Boys – All in a Poem

Kind of a long title – the first three words are the poem title and what they need to teach boys these days is the whole theme of the poem. I hope you like the strange format..


He did not love me

for the parts of my body

but for

the parts of my mind.


Endless winding corridors


I could tell

in the way he spotted

my slightest hesitation

and sat back

and grinned.


“I love how shy you are. It’s so … real.”


A shake of my head

“But you’ll be gone. Gone to someone more willing to offer themselves to you.”


Two hands on my shoulders

Eyes burning into mine

“Baby I’m not perfect – and you probably deserve better – but I will never – never – do anything to you – or hurt you. I won’t lay a hand on a centimeter of skin you aren’t ready for me to touch. And that’s no reason to leave you, and I’d be the world’s biggest idiot if I did. Any other girl may offer herself up to me, but she’ll never be as brilliant as you. I need to see the light shining in your eyes every day. That’s something no one else can give me, something no one else has.”


Arms thrown around a neck


I may not offer myself to anyone

until there’s a ring on my finger

“But, baby, that’s fine too. Just your light is fine forever.”


Fingers trace lips

tongues trace lips


You won’t be my first

But you were the first one to make me feel not complete, but a better version of me, maybe one of the best versions


You opened my eyes

not my legs


You showed me how I deserve to be treated

You taught what I needed to know –

if his only objective is your body don’t waste your time


It was because of you I could say yes to the right one


I made him wait for years before I opened up to him

but by my side he stayed

and made it as good as he possibly could for me

that day


Though I’ll never see you again

Thank you.



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