I wrote this on a whim, so I hope you like it. Sorry for the horrendous amount of inactivity. I hope to post a quote and possibly a poem every day from now on but if you’ve been reading my blog for some time you know I have commitment issues. 😅

Wish me luck with this latest commitment.

Down the rabbit hole we go…

you do not get to put a miracle inside her

that she doesn’t want

just because it feels better

(without the latex)

and walk away.


now a miracle has been brought to you

and you better teach him

how to treat a girl right.

and you better teach her

what beauty is really about.


you better be there

to be an example.


by raising them

you can fix your own broken spirit.


she needs you

to gently push her away from those who will hurt her.

he needs you

to show him that the only validation he needs is his own.


they need you there

to cry to

to lean on

to start showing them the world

to teach them all they’ll need to know to live on their own

to make sure they never become like

they won’t hurt someone like

they won’t throw away a part of their lives like

you did.


it starts with but one teenage urge

but once what’s been done has been done

don’t you dare

even look at that door

don’t you dare

think about walking out

don’t.   you.   dare.

ever leave them.


she needs you.

they need you.


be their lion.

their fierce protector.

otherwise they’ll always have a you-shaped hole in their hearts.



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