Tell Them//Write//Spread the Word for a Better World

Tell those people who get offended over every little comment that if they truly want an equal world, it’s a world where everyone can laugh at slightly racist or other -ist remarks and move on. Those remarks don’t make you a horrible racist or sexist person. It means you can see the stereotypes and look past them – you can even make jokes about them because you know they aren’t true. I vouch for a future where can say these things and people will laugh at them and still know that we all love, accept, and are kind to the people we say them about.

Note: I’m not talking about the horrible things people sometimes say about groups of people, but the lighter things that can be funny.

Take old(er) movies. My example: Rush Hour (and Rush Hour 2 and 3). They’re hilarious movies starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker that I definitely recommend, especially if you need to laugh for the next one and something hours. They are peppered with stereotypes and other such jokes but they’re funny. Things like this can be funny as long as you know they’re not true and see the people behind them.

Political correctness is a load of bullshit. If you limit what I can say because one person may be offended by it, if I say something people will accuse me of being a racist and other -ists,  where did my freedom of speech. So, no, I’m not going to be politically correct, and if you don’t like it, or a few little … annoying people want to be offended and bitch about it, good for you.

And white people get the worst of it sometimes, because we may say one small thing like I described, and we are automatically racist.

But all I can do is be kind to all people and being able to laugh with them. And hope people see me as an example to do the same. And that people will do the same to/for/with me.

And it starts with being able to laugh at yourself. I spout jokes that degrade white people in general but also myself all the time, but I can laugh about it, and so can my friends. So please don’t call me racist, because I’m trying to help solve/eradicate the problem of discrimination with something we all enjoy – laughter.

Join me if you think I’m not totally crazy.

My pledge: I’m white, female, and straight, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. There are people all over the world who are different from me who I want to meet and whose perspective I want to know about. Those differences don’t make a change how I will treat all these people – with the basic kindness they deserve, so that I can set an example for my generation and the generations that will follow us. I can connect all these people, with our differences, with our similarities, with the thing we hate and the things we enjoy, the things that make us scared and the things that make us bolder. I can connect them with laughter and love. That is what I strive for, with the best of my abilities.

Write your own pledge if you believe in a better word. Post your pledge. Repost this if you agree, repost this and add commentary and improvements. Spread the word.


We can do great things together. With our differences. With our strengths and our weaknesses. With our love.

Spread the word.


6 thoughts on “Tell Them//Write//Spread the Word for a Better World

  1. Great posting! Agreed. This whole politically correct movement is just out of control. All of us have the right to think about things as we choose. What we do not have a right to do is invoke our thinking on others. You don’t get to call me anything if I disagree with you–period. Enough said.

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