Day 3 – Cold by Citizen Four

Well this is going well. hahaha see what I did there? Sorry.

I had a legitimate excuse (just so the “attendance office” of WordPress knows. Why do I do this?) though. Yesterday, I got Confirmed, which for any non-Catholic people: Confirmation is the final sacrament of initiation, and the Church now sees you as an adult. At Baptism your parents chose for you and now you get to choose for yourself etc. etc. It was nice – a lovely two-hour celebration – ruined, of course, by the fact that I still had to do my homework and go to bed late because of it afterwards. Ugh!

I mean, I’m not saying we shouldn’t have homework – homework is great practice, but 2-3 hours is enough. At some point I want to go outside or, you know, sleep the recommended 8 hours. I see kids outside and I’m think – what is it like? Having time to actually go outside and not have to think about anything and touch the grass? What do you even do outside? See! I’ve forgotten how to go outside. Thanks, school!

Anyway, let’s get to the actual point of this post. Many thanks to OY30 and TheLittleMagicGirl for the nominations!

Today I nominate Girl From Ghana.

Also, by the way, I’ll probably do this for more than the required 5 days.

Cold is Citizen Four’s debut single, even though they made (amazing) covers before it.

My favorite lyrics:

[Pre-Chorus: Carson]
It’s my soul that you’re taking
I’m high but I feel low
You’re the devil in disguise
I see the venom in your eyes
It’s my heart that you’re breaking
You’re a fire out of control
Gonna burn until you burn out
I can see it now

[Chorus: All]
And I’m holding, holding on
Holding, holding on
I’m holding on
With a body so hot
How’d you get so cold?
How’d you get so cold?

[Bridge: Conner]
She rolls, stone cold
Leaving me six feet under
She rolls, stone cold
Stone cold
She knows, she knows
She’s like the eighth world wonder
She rolls, stone cold
Stone cold

I bolded my favorite lyric. I know it’s about breakups and betrayal, but there’s love in it too.


If you’re interested, head over to YouTube for their covers. (It’ll be worth your time).

Their first cover (Rihanna’s ‘Needed Me’):




10 thoughts on “Day 3 – Cold by Citizen Four

  1. Congratulations on your confirmation! I’m yet to Baptise. I attend Assemblies of God and you baptise to show that you’re mature in the faith. Also, thaanks for the nomination too. šŸ™‚

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