Had you been there

you would have ran over to me in a heartbeat

we’d start gushing about how much

we love Annabel Lee.


But you weren’t.

Because of the force that had kept us separated since the sixth grade

the same force that had left me with friends

who left me.


She said she’d promised her

that she would come

but no

she’d promised me.


Sorry all my poetry is a nonsense rant. I don’t have time to explain. Never enough time. Never enough years under my belt because had I already had a driver’s license and car I would have been gone, gone, gone.

Summer is coming in 20 school days but I’ll only get to do one thing I want the whole time. I need a therapeutic hiking trip that I probably won’t get. I need to climb to the top of huge rocks and scream. I need those moments where your foot is falling to the next place to step and you don’t know if it’s stable but you have to keep moving. I need to add another scar to the growing map of adventures on my skin.

I need to be able to run away on my own, but instead I’m stuck for two more years. A part of the reason I need to scream.

More nonsense. Ugh. At any rate, I hope your week was better than mine.




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